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In order to assist the logistics services provided by our company to its customers, there are storage areas with all kinds of stocking facilities within the facility.

There are bonded and non-bonded areas in our warehouses and safely stocking is done for your textile, food or general purpose goods.

Our team of experts, with barcode tracking technology in every tonnage stacking machines and computer environment, offers its superior quality services to meet the expectations of our customers.

Some Advantages of Enlem Logistics Solutions

  • Providing the opportunity to store their inventories for food manufacturers and distributors helps them save time to coordinate multiple logistics providers while providing cost efficiency.
  • Our customers receive the highest level of service as we are practically active in the daily management of our business as a family business.
  • Our services enable our customers to avoid a warehouse operating costs and focus on their core business instead.

In this context, companies that prefer our company gain flexibility in resources and workforce rather than the responsibility of an expensive logistics operation.

Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse Shipment and Loading Department Images

For Healthy and Safe Storage Solutions