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With our knowledge and experience in the cold storage area; Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Industry Inc. offers 5800m2 closed area on a total of 10,000m2 land; serves with 2 shock rooms, 10 cold rooms, 5000 tons capacity, 3 refrigerated docking ramps and 2 forklifts.

Our facility is affiliated with Ambarlı Customs and allows safe stocking for your textile, food or general purpose goods.

  • All kinds of food stuffs, fresh fruit and vegetable products, canned and frozen food products, all kinds of fish, octopus, squid and other seafood
  • Possibility to store in cold storages between -20 / +20 degrees (with caliber measurement and heat devices)

In order to assist the logistics services provided by our company to our customers, our facility, which has a storage area with all kinds of storage possibilities, has stacking machines in every tonnage and barcode tracking technology in computer environment.

Our chilled ramps, fully automated warehouses and experienced warehouse professional team ensure fast turnaround times, maximum storage efficiency and safety for your products.

In addition, we offer special office options for our customers who want to rent individual warehouses. See. Storage Solutions for Logistics Companies.

Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse

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