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One of the solutions we offer in the Latitude Cold Storage is to allow the storage of dry foods. As it is known, one of the important stages of quality and hygienic production is the storage conditions of foods. For this reason, cold storage depots have an important place in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

The warehouses we reserve for dry foods are divided into delicatessen warehouses, vegetable and fruit warehouses, legumes warehouses and meat warehouses. Thus, each food group is protected at different temperatures. On the other hand, our warehouses are checked daily by Food engineers.

Each product is stored in suitable warehouses according to the specified temperature measurements. In dry food and other warehouses, the contact of products to walls, ceilings and floors is minimized. The principle here is always first in first out.

In line with our fields of activity, all kinds of wet, dry and frozen food and meat products, cold storage, logistics, processing, packaging, ready for sale can be done.

In our facility, it is possible to provide all kinds of foodstuffs, fresh fruit and vegetable products, canned and frozen food products, all kinds of fish, octopus, squid and other seafood, besides storage service, logistics services and packaging food in various ways.

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