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Systems that protect food or industrial products that need to be preserved at desired low temperatures and keep them in a state of economic health are called cold storage.

In accordance with the production and application conditions for cold storage depots, wall, floor, roof coverings and sandwich panel application are the subjects where the most productive results are obtained worldwide and the European Union attaches great importance in energy saving. In a cold store, the floor should be smooth, the walls should be smooth, easy to clean, the plaster should not be poured, and it should not have a negative effect on the products.

Cold chain refers to all of the cold storage, cold transport and similar processes that must be applied in order to maintain its own characteristics at every stage from the production of foodstuffs that need to consumption. Fish, meat, milk and their by-products must be offered for sale in the cold chain and by trained people. Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse applies these conditions carefully and meticulously.

In the list below, you can find the general standards of storage services provided by Enlem Cold Storage.

Enlem Cold Storage Standards

  • Our warehouse is close to the freeway where you can enter and exit without entering the city traffic.
  • It is controlled and recorded with 24-hour security personnel and closed-circuit security cameras.
  • Special fire system
  • Loading ramps with the capacity of loading and unloading in 3 vehicles at the same time
  • Technical equipment such as forklift, electric pallet truck, pallet truck, generator
  • Earthquake resistant rack systems in all our warehouses

Enlem Cold Storage Solutions

Up-to-Date Warehouse Management

Enlem, an industry leader when it comes to storage technologies, provides customers with instant access to product data in real time, thanks to the innovative systems it offers.

24/7 Operation

As one of the first cold storage facilities that offer a 24-hour service solution, we provide our customers with superior service around the clock, saving them time and money.

Fully Equipped Ramps

Our frozen ramps, fully automated warehouses and experienced warehouse professional team ensure fast turnaround times, maximum storage efficiency and safety for your products.

For Healthy and Safe Storage Solutions