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Enlem Kurumsal Aile Fotografi

Enlem Kurucular Fotoğraf


Enis Hacımehmetoğlu

15.04.1971 Born in İstanbul (Turkey)

Education – Business Information

  • Yeşilköy 50. Yıl High School
  • Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration

1988 – 1990

Çevre Food Industry INC.

Product + Department Manager

1990 – 2020

Çınarlı Catering Gıda San.Tic.Ltd Şti

Founder and Chairman of the Board

2017 – ~

ENLEM Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Inc.


Enis Hacımehmetoğlu

Lemi İbrahimoğlu

Lemi Ergin İbrahimoğlu

09.03.1956 Born in Gümülcine-Komotini Greece

Education – Business Information

  • Komotini Celal Bayar Secondary School
  • İstanbul Küçükçekmece High School
  • Istanbul Facultyof Medicine


İstanbul Faculty of Medicine(ÇAPA)

Faculty Member

1995 -2020

Grup Med Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş

Founder and Chairman of the Board (Freelance Doctor)

2017 – ~

ENLEM Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Inc.


Our Story


ENLEM Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Inc., which was established with the NEPHEW (Enis Hacımehmetoğlu), who provides commercial services in the 5-year food market, and his UNCLE (Lemi Ergin İbrahimoğlu), who has been in the healthcare sector for 40 years, both in academic and medical services;

Turkey to meet the needs of cold storage, which is a serious deficiency in the food sector are extremely modern and aimed as a gift to a system compatible with the rules of hygiene.

This facility and the company, which is obtained based on equity with the experience of 40 years of service in the health system and 30 years of food market experience, continues to provide IMPORT-EXPORT based services at home and abroad with an increasing momentum since 2017.

Our Mission

Enlem, which is one of the most preferred companies in the industrial cooling sector, always works to provide the highest quality products and smooth service, taking into account the customer needs.

Our Vision

Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Industry. Inc. to be an indispensable company in the sector with its high quality, innovative and analytical structure, and an indispensable company for its customers in storage solutions.

Why Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse?

Featured Solutions

24/7 Operation

As one of the cold storage facilities offering 24-hour service solution, we provide our customers with superior service at all hours of the day, saving them time and money.

Up-To-Date Warehouse Management

Enlem, an industry leader when it comes to storage technologies, provides customers with instant access to product data in real time, thanks to the innovative systems it offers.

International Standarts

Enlem provides safe storage service at international standards, has quality system applications such as Yediemin Agreement, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, 5S.

For Healthy and Safe Storage Solutions