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24/7 Operation

As one of the cold storage facilities offering 24-hour service solution, we provide our customers with superior service at all hours of the day, saving them time and money.

Up-to-Date Warehouse Management

Enlem, an industry leader when it comes to storage technologies, provides customers with instant access to product data in real time, thanks to the innovative systems it offers.

International Standards

Enlem provides safe storage service at international standards, has quality system applications such as Yediemin Agreement, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, 5S.

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Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse and Food Facilities

As Enlem, with our knowledge and experience in the cold storage area; In our 5800m2 closed area on a total of 10,000m2 land; We serve with 2 shock rooms, 8 cold rooms, 6000 tons capacity, 50 m2 docking ramp and 4 forklifts.

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Our Mission

Enlem, which is one of the most preferred companies in the industrial cooling sector, always works to provide the highest quality products and smooth service, taking into account the customer needs.

Our Vision

Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse Logistics and Food Industry. Inc. to be an indispensable company in the sector with its high quality, innovative and analytical structure, and an indispensable company for its customers in storage solutions.


Frequently Asked Question

Cold storage is a warehouse consisting of 42 (± 2) kg / m3 dasite polyurethane foam filled fixed / immobile panels between two sheets, the walls and roof of which are established with the aim of extending the storage life of food and reducing the process temperature in food manufacturing.

The purpose of the design of these warehouses is to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity balance according to the product. In this way, products can be stored under economically healthy conditions for a long time.

Due to the arrangement surrounding refrigerated loads, cold stores are much more complicated than their dry counterparts. Refrigerated storage tends to be more costly, and therefore many manufacturers prefer to outsource their cold stores to third-party providers.