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Cold Storage Warehouse

All information about the features and standards of the cold storage tanks we offer within the Enlem.

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Dry Food Storage

Apart from cold preservation, we also offer storage facilities for various dry foods in our facility.

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Processing, Labeling and Packaging

Processing, labeling and packaging of various products, especially fish, are among our fields of activity.

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Storage Solutions for Logistics Companies

Our services enable our customers to avoid a warehouse operating costs and focus on their core business instead.

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Featured Solutions

24/7 Operation

As one of the cold storage facilities offering 24-hour service solution, we provide our customers with superior service at all hours of the day, saving them time and money.

Up-To-Date Warehouse Management

Enlem, an industry leader when it comes to storage technologies, provides customers with instant access to product data in real time, thanks to the innovative systems it offers.


Enlem provides safe storage service at international standards, has quality system applications such as Yediemin Agreement, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, 5S.

For Healthy and Safe Storage Solutions